Lucid Dreams 4

Wingsuit & freefly BASE jumping with Dallas BASE Crew. Follow DBC team members: Luke Hively, Brad Perkins, & Charity Perkins in the fourth video of the Lucid Dreams Series. Featuring Steve Doherty, Stephen Follis, Mat Kenney, Lawrence De Laubadere, Scotty Bob Morgan, Matt Robinson, Michael “Woody” Smart, and Team Need For Speed’s: Sam Hardy, Chris “Douggs” McDougall, Scott Paterson, & Robert Pecnik. Lucid Dreams 4 was shot throughout Europe in Albania, France, Italy, Norway, and Switzerland.

Film by: Luke Hively

Narration: Chris “Douggs” McDougall

Camera: Sam Hardy, Luke Hively, Mat Kenney, Chris “Douggs” McDougall, Brad Perkins, Michael “Woody” Smart

Additional Camera:  Mike Cook, Chris Bud Osbourne, David Peretz, Charity Perkins, Matt Robinson

BASE Jumpers: 
Nata Baez, Steve Doherty, Eric Finn, Stephen Follis, Aaron “Spready” Gray, Sam Hardy, Luke Hively, Rami Kajala, Mat Kenney, Brett Kistler, Lawrence De Laubadere, Chris “Douggs” McDougall, Scotty-Bob Morgan, Scott Paterson, Robert Pecnik, Brad Perkins, Charity Perkins, Alexander Polli, Jimmy Pouchert, Matt Robinson, Michael “Woody” Smart, Taya Weiss

“Longing Home” Adam Salkeld / Neil Pollard – CHAP430 Cinematic Settings, UPPM France
“Oscillator Dreams” Chris Constantinou / Paul Frazer – EDGE110 Classic Synths, UPPM France
“Trapped on Film” Daniel Christopher O’Donnell-Smith / Jonathan Dix – LO-CD32 Electro Magnetic 2, UPPM France
“Galactic Design” Josselin Bordat – GAL137 French Indie Club 3, UPPM France

I would like to thank all the contributors of Lucid Dreams 4. You know who you are, and your help is very much appreciated: Apex BASE, GoWorld Project, Negative4 Productions, Phoenix Fly, Skydive Spaceland, Team Need For Speed, The Ratings Center, World Wingsuit League, and Xtreme Video.